Hello Seekers of Light and Warriors of the Soul, It’s AnnMarie


Welcome to a sacred space where self-discovery and empowerment unfolds—a haven for kindred spirits who, like you, have raced down the path of relentless achievement, only to crave something deeper

I'm AnnMarie, your guide in the dance of light and shadow, a Soulful Business Strategist, Heart-Centered Leader, and Certified Numerology Queen. My experience mirrors yours—I hustled, achieved, and at times, lost myself in the process.

Yet, from this struggle emerged an awakening to becoming a high achiever who stays grounded. I discovered the sweet spot between hustle and flow, embracing both the divine feminine and divine masculine within us all. My transformative approach harmoniously blends the timeless insights of numerology with heart-centered coaching and holistic wellness principles. This fusion empowers you to unearth your authentic self and step into a chapter of fulfilling your soul's true purpose while increasing your capacity for more love and abundance.

The Heart Behind My Service

From my personal journey, I've developed a higher understanding of the complexities of the process of transformation. Having navigated the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, adopted the intricacies of heart-conscious leadership, and advocated holistic wellness, my dedication to guiding you extends beyond mere professional duty—it's intimately connected.

I braved this path because I intimately understand the struggle of feeling undervalued despite relentless hustle. This firsthand account ignited my mission to assist others in discovering their worth, accepting and embodying their true self, and excelling in their real-life mission.

The profound impact of my life experiences fuels my unyielding passion to guide clients through transformative breakthroughs that resonate with their unique narratives. Why? Because I steadfastly believe that in openly sharing our unfiltered experiences, we discover healing and empower others to step into their radiant light….. courageously.

Through this, the portal to these unique offers and services unfolded through an introspective exploration of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and unconscious choices I was making. I encountered resistance, a natural response to stepping into uncharted territory. In the realm of numerology, my soulmate client emerged as the Four of Hearts—a representation mirrored in Tarot as the Four of Cups.


This archetype encapsulates a person rooted in the desire for deep, meaningful relationships, and aspiring for success, yet wrestling with the tensions between the two. The struggle often leads to feelings of guilt when dedicating time to Individual aspirations. 

Our work together will be intentional. You already have the solution to creating a handcrafted life and business you love. We will collaborate, access the wisdom of your energetic code, and intuitively harness the power of your solutions and ideas to bring them to life with holistic soulful strategies that honor all elements of your life and business. 

As we continue this shared exploration, I welcome you to embrace the transformative contract between our souls—where your light is celebrated, your story is honored, and your warrior spirit is acknowledged as a gift to the world.


With love and light,