Numerology of Business Presents:

The  Collective 

A community for spiritual entrepreneurs to align with the energetic patterns of the Universe, develop soulful strategies, and authentically attract soulmate clients. 


Tired of the same ol’ business paradigm that keeps you looped in a masculine approach?


Ready to bridge the magickal with the practical with other spiritual entrepreneurs to lead with Heart-conscious Leadership?


We’re going to dismantle the typical goal setting and achievement markers you’re used to using the energetics of numbers, heart intelliginece + soulful strategies.


Unlock the key to manifesting the life and business you long for.


Inside The Collective you'll get: 


1 monthly networking meeting the first Wednesday every month. Recorded, with notes, in a private community.


Unique monthly energetic forecast to expand your knowledge on every aspect of your business.


Incubate ideas and challenges with fellow entrepreneurs for experienced insight and wisdom


Multiple opportunities to showcase your business for collaborations and clients



You are here because you are kind of a big deal. The Universe wants you to remember that.


You are here to understand the language of numbers, your energetic code and the predictive patters of Numerology.


You are here to gain clarity on aspects of your business that are not in alignment with your energetic code or your heart’s intelligence. 


You are here to get and give support, accountability, and inspiration


You are here because you want to bring play into your work and joyously work your ass off. 


You are here because you want to have conscious conversations with people who understand you.


You are here because you love to be of service above selling yourself. 


You are here because you want to build community, connections, and collaborations.


You are here because you love  to cheerlead, empower, lift each other, and celebrate wins.


You are here to share your gifts, insights, and experience.


You are here because you believe in collaboration over competition


You are here because you give credit where credit is due.


You are here because you are generous. 


You are here to raise the frequency of the planet and people


You are here because your heart brought you here. 

When you drop into the essence of your heart and link it with your heart-consciouse leadership style rooted in your energetic code.... you become an unstoppable force! Your co-creations with the Universe manifest as Quantume Leaps and you build a handcrafted life and business you love.


You are worthy of your desires and feeling how you want to feel in your business. 

Become luminously rooted in abundance.

Establish deep authentic creative connections.

Make ‘kind of a big deal’ your MO.

"Ann Marie is unmatched! Her ability to lead a diverse group through the intelligence of our heart with inspiration, heart, and authenticity is incredible. The experience she brings to the table in terms of creating goals with soul has helped shape my visions for the New Year, and I am SO glad to have attended her event.
-Mary O'Brien, Life Coach
"Ann Marie gave me tremendous insights into creating my business in alignment with more joy and freedom. I loved that she brings a heart-centered approach to business acumen and space to identify real strengths and immediately connect them to opportunities.
I would recommend Ann Marie to anyone who could use a vitality boost in their business. She is incredibly informative, inspirational, and helpful. Her passion for her work is infectious and I’ve learned so much from Ann Marie that I directly applied to my own business. I highly recommend working with!
-Yvonne Winkler, Lotus Consulting


Building capacity, sharing resources, and gaining clarity to overcome the daily challenges faced in business is at the epicenter of our time together.


The Conscious Business Collective will gather on the first Wednesday of each month for a minimum of two hours on ZOOM. COMING SOON - you will also receive access to a group forum to continue sharing references, celebrating wins, and seeking support from the community.


At each gathering, all attendees will be gifted a portion of time to share their upcoming offerings AND a challenge, question, or idea that they would like to discuss. Through conscious conversations, it will be incubated by all attendees with ideas, suggestions, insights, and experiences. 


Gain insights into monthly energy forecast and collaborate with the Universe. These are based on the scientific-mathematical modality of numerology. Understanding this information will create momentum and ease within your content and offerings, shedding light on the spiritual assignments of the collective you can support with.

Rather than pay thousands for a coach or program, receive valuable advice and gain ideas from experienced entrepreneurs to generate more abundance: time abundance, freedom abundance, and financial abundance. 

Develop community and create more opportunities to collaborate and support each other’s businesses. 

Meet Ann Marie Mckenzie


Soulful Strategist, Master Numerologist, Psychic Spiritual Teacher

From owning a private school to leading not-for-profit to multi-level marketing companies, I have certainly seen and experienced my fair share of business models. And although some of the businesses that I founded or managed were ‘successful’, they were all missing one key component...

…..understanding the languages of the Universe

That is why I birthed the The Collective.

From 1-on-1 coaching to large group workshops, I lead people through a process of getting messy to get clear using the ancient wisdom of Numerology, and soul-aligned strategies for business. 

The question is, are you ready to align with your purpose, amplify your gifts, and activate divine prosperity through soulmate client attraction?  transformation?


2 hours of group coaching at a fraction of the price.


1 monthly networking meeting with a unique energetic forecast tailored to business.


Incubate ideas and challenges with fellow entrepreneurs for experienced insight and wisdom.


Multiple opportunities to showcase your business AND first choice on new offerings and discounts!


We gather the first Wednesday every month at 12:00 - 2 pm PST on Zoom. The calls will be recorded and available in a private community. If you can’t make The Collective gathering, you can still access the high vibes, love, and support. 


There are two options to satisfy your heart and your pocketbook.  Canadian currency for Canadians. US currency for the world.




  • Numerology of Business: Collective Monthly Gathering
  • Group Forum
  • Canadians Only pricing
  • Cancel anytime
  • First choice on new offerings and discounts




  • Numerology of Business: Collective Monthly Gathering
  • Group Forum
  • Cancel anytime
  • First choice on new offerings and discounts