Tap Into the Wisdom of Your Numerological Code and Make Universally Informed Decisions that Lead to a Purposeful Business

Your conscious business plan is written within your energetic code. When your soulful strategies are developed from this place, you align with your soul, and success is created on your terms.

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Soulful Leader - I see you and I hear you. 

  • You feel disconnected from the heart of your business
  • You worry the next level will be a repeat of old patterns and cycles of burnout
  • You’re asking “Who am I? What am I really meant to be doing in business? Can I really have it all?

Pivot through the uncertainties, simplify your path with purpose, and trust your intuition to guide your next move. Build a business that resonates with your soul's purpose and discover practical numerology solutions for structuring a fulfilling life.

My mission is clear — and Numerology got me here.

To empower entrepreneurs to align with their purpose, amplify their gifts, and activate divine prosperity. In the intricate landscape of your entrepreneurial journey, I serve as your guide, embodying heart-centered leadership. As partners, we address hurdles withgenuine understanding, kindness, and realness while also using a no BS approach. Straight up. Authentic.

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The Practical Power of Numerology

Numerology isn't just mystical; it's your practical solution rooted in mathematics and science. Activate your creativity, break away from limiting beliefs, and fearlessly expand your business.

Heart over Hustle: Where Vision Meets Values

Unlock your Soul's Energetic Code: Aligning Your Business With Your Soul

Awaken your strengths, talents, and passions – the compass guiding you to a business that reflects your values and ignites your soul's calling. This is where vision and values converge, manifesting a brand that radiates your truth.

But how is that possible?

Matched by your energetic code, The Spirit of Your Business is the hidden force that sets your business apart—cutting through the noise. The proof awaits, embedded in the numbers and your greatest resource and asset, your heart.

Through my personalized numerology offerings, I am dedicated to empowering you to become an agent of change. 


My guidance provides clarity to:


Take radical inspired actions that resonate with your heart compass, values, and aspirations, leading you toward a life of meaning and legacy.


Bridge the gap between all elements of your life and business to honor your well-being, without sacrifice.


Attract soulmate clients, partners, and opportunities that unify your businesses.


This isn't just about success; it's about cultivating a life filled with abundance, joy, and the freedom to thrive.

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Navigate Your Next Steps with Confidence

As we get the ball rolling on this next-level growth experience, the goal is to ensure you find clarity and purpose in every aspect of your business. If you've resonated with our message, your next steps should be clear.

Immerse Yourself in
Conscious Business

For those seeking a profound and holistic business transformation, the Conscious Business Immersion awaits you. This is where numbers and strategies evolve into a conscious journey, leading to a business and life filled with joy, freedom, and abundance.

Immerse in Conscious Business

Embrace the Spirit of
Your Business

Are you ready to take your business to new heights? If you're ready to dive deep into connecting your strategies with a divine energetic code, ensuring your business stands out and flourishes authentically, then the "Spirit of Your Business" is for you.

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Clarify Your Path with a Conscious Business Audit

If you still unsure about your next best step, consider booking a comprehensive audit. This illuminating process will reveal the essence of your individuality, providing the clarity needed to make informed decisions about your unique business journey.

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"AnnMarie's personal energy forecast was a game-changer for me. She helped me to see the real me, the person I was meant to be. With her guidance, I've been able to overcome my emotional baggage and focus on my true purpose. I'm so grateful for her support and friendship."

selected Jill Bondget, GroovyMoon

"In my life I was in the mids of my awakening to spirituality. AM is a very spiritual person and she has taught me a lot about spirituality and finding my Spiritual Support Team and my Soul Family.

In my business, I was and still am working on setting up my own business and finding my true purpose in life. Tweaking and narrowing down my gifts so I can find joy in what I do AND be of service to the world."

selected Shelley de Vos

Transcend the boundaries of ordinary purpose and embrace a life of extraordinary significance.

Your commitment to self-discovery is a powerful choice. AnnMarie is excited to guide you toward a life magnetized with the Highest, most authentic version of your true self.


Big love,

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Don't let uncertainty cloud your vision.

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